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Partner Account Information (Last updated Jan/2024)

Special plans for a Elephant List partner account are listed below:
30 days (one gallery per day) - $40.00 USD
60 days (one gallery per day) - $72.00 USD 10% off the regular price
90 days (one gallery per day) - $102.00 USD 15% off the regular price
180 days (one gallery per day) - $192.00 USD 20% off the regular price
365 days (one gallery per day) - $360.00 USD *BEST OFFER! 25% off the regular price!

Please contact ceo ~a~ elephantlist dot com to buy your partner account and start submitting your galleries today. Please provide 3 url sample of your galleries for verification.

All approved galleries also get added to Elephant List's categorized text archives, search engine results, pornstars and categorized thumbnail pages. This means that your galleries will receive high quality target traffic for many months, even years!

How many visitors should you expect from gallery listings? The answer depends on your gallery's quality, the categories you are submitting, the description you are using among other factors and tactics. What we can tell you is that, according to our tracking script, Elephant List sends a number between 650k to 750k unique visitors everyday to all displayed galleries. Keep in mind that 90% of this traffic is sent to galleries through text links. This is the best traffic you can get!

Please note that a partner account is NOT a guaranteed listing. Our gallery reviewer can still decline your submission if its not up to standards. You will be notified if any of your galleries is declined, so you can fix the issue and re-submit an updated gallery.

Webmasters with a partner account click here to submit your galleries.

Top 10 Gallery Spots (Last updated Jan/2024)

If you would like to buy fixed higher spots on please contact ceo ~a~ elephantlist dot com.

Current prices are listed below, and include 1 listing per day for 30 days:
#1 spot - $1,200.00
#2 spot - $900.00
#3 spot - $800.00
#4 spot - $700.00
#5 spot - $600.00
#6 spot - $500.00
#7 spot - $450.00
#8 spot - $400.00
#9 spot - $350.00
#10 spot - $300.00

Contact Us

ceo ~a~ elephantlist dot com - for advertising, trades, HLs, and general inquiries.

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